Friday, July 13, 2001

"patience" will never be conquered--but it can be tamed.

there is no such thing as "race"

the value of a friend depends on how much they want you subtract how much you want them...positive & negative being a one-sided friendship...only being neutral is their a good friendship.

The good friend is not the one who loves, but the one who cares.

THE WORST F***ING FRIEND IS THE ONE that turns their back to you when you are in need & turns toward you when they are in need.

What to look for in a friend : compassion, wisdom, & someone who needs something.

Love is the most confusing idea in the will never be understood, conquered, or finished. It is everlasting & forever. It is the unfathomable reach in the sea. They say, "there is a fine line between love & hate" Understand that & you'll know why couples are OBVIOUSLY going to do some fighting.

its not the awards & accolades you receive, but the respect you receive.

you do something, you do the best

if you get something, you either get a good one or don't get it at all...including friends.

its better to have one good friend than an inifinite amount of mediocre ones.

theres nothing good about being immature, your just going to realize later than others that its part of growing up.

love is only understood once you experience it.

the Chrisitan is only as effective as far as their "light" shines

The most lasting memory is not the one written down, but the one that is embedded in your memory banks, never to be erased.

Life is like our goes up & down & up & down & when your down, you know you'll be going back up again.

In the ditches in our lives, understand, it is difficult to get out by yourself--it is much easier to get help from a friend...always know that.

If you are loved, it is only right to love back.

It is easier to convict, than to defend.

revenge is only as sweet as how bad you want it.